Front Windows & Door Fitted

Alhamdulillah the windows and main door were fitted not too long ago. Work on the upper floor have almost been completed. This leaves us with the main ground floor work. We urgently require £40,000 to complete this so that we can start running our services and activities asap Insha’Allah ta’ala. Details on ways to donate can be found on this page so please donate and also spread the word.



Building Frontage Taking Shape

Alhamdulillah work has been progressing across the building and now the face of the building is taking shape. The steel structure and brickwork at the front can be seen in the images below. We still require a further £86,000 to complete the project. Please donate generously and keep making du’a for the success of this project.

Roofing & Dormer Complete

The roofing of the upper part of the building, including the domer has been completed. The side wall has been rebuilt too. We are fast approaching the half way mark and still require funds urgently to complete the project. We request you to spread the word as far and wide as possible and continue to make du’a. Approximately £95,000 is required so please help towards this.

Steel Structure & Dormer Timber In Place

Alhamdulillah, work on the building has been progressing nicely and our plan starting to take shape. The steel structure has been put in place and timber for the Dormer erected. We continue to request you to make du’a, that Allah Ta’ala pushes the project forward and building work continues without stoppage.

Images of the Building Works

The work is well under way as old roofing and flooring is removed. Here are some images of the work being carried out.

MJA Building Works Blog

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Welcome to our first building works Blog. Here you will find up-to-date information on how work is progressing on our building project. We also aim to provide our supporters and the local community with fundraising updates Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

Alhamdulillah, the scaffolding and boarding has been erected. The interior is being cleared out and the side extension is being demolished for it to be rebuilt again.